Annual Coaching


  • 2 hrs/month * 12 months = 24 hrs of coaching
  • Annual 1:1 coaching with Krishna.
  • Personalized mentoring.
  • Long-term career guidance and personalized mentorship.
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One Time Coaching


  • 1 hr session
  • Book a 1:1 with Krishna.
  • Personalized mentoring.
  • Discuss your¬†career challenges to find the¬†right solution to success.
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About Krishna 

Hi, I am Krishna Kiran, 

I am on a personal mission to

1. Make work more meaningful and joyful through career growth.

2. Help educate kids in need. I sponsored 50 kids through Isha Vidya and hope to keep scaling.

Over the past 18 years with Amazon, Adobe, and BetterUp, I learnt a lot of career lessons the hard way. I hope to make it easier for you.

 Over 600 Software engineers and managers have attended my bootcamp. I have mentored, promoted and approved the promotions of hundreds of engineers.

This Bootcamp is my humble effort to bring growth and joy at work.

VP Engineering

18+ years of experience in Tech. Been a leader at Amazon, Adobe and BetterUp. 


Trained and mentored over 600+ software engineers and managers to accelerate the growth of their career.


Krishna's mini-books Career Accelerator Minibook and 12 lessons from my 12 years at Amazon have each received over 1M+ impressions. 

Social following of 36k+.


Sponsored 50 children through Isha Vidya and still counting. Creating opportunities for the underprivileged children to learn and grow.