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Deliberate Career Design -Live workshop





Earn a premium by differentiating yourself in this difficult market. 

Take massive action in 3 weeks. Get live coaching from Krishna. Create your personalized "Deliberate Career Plan".

Dates - June 8, 9, 15, 16, 22, 23 

We will make it abundantly worthwhile. No questions asked Money Back Guarantee.

Get reimbursed by your Employer.


Enroll today $750
Enroll now pay later

 Money Back Guarantee


Option A - I want this investment to be 100% risk-free. If you attend the session, complete the deliverables, and still don’t get value, I’ll happily refund your full payment within 10 days of the start of the course. No risk.

Option B - Don’t buy this and walk away. You leave money on the table. Either of the options are risk-free for you.

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Cohort Details


Dates - Feb 10, 11, 17, 18, 24, 25

Time -  9:00 am - 10:30 am PST / 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm EST / 10:30 pm - 12:00 pm IST.

(6 live sessions of 1.5 hr)

The course includes :

  • Personalized mentorship and feedback from Krishna on building a fulfilling, deliberate 2024 career plan.

  • Lifetime access to Krishna‚Äôs private GrowthClub (alumni) community of peers.

  • Access to Krishna's personal deliberate career¬†frameworks, templates and resources.

  • 10 hands-on activities to apply the¬†learnings.

  • Lifetime access to Deliberate Career playbook.

  • Lifetime access to course materials

Option 1: Pay $1 and attend the session on Feb 10th. If you want to continue, pay the 749$ and continue. Get Reimbursed.
Enroll for 1$ Pay rest later
Option 2: Pay the 750$ and attend the cohort on all the dates. Get Reimbursed.
Enroll today ~ $750

What you'll get from this course -

You will walk away with your individual "2024 - Deliberate career plan" that you'll build over 9-hour workshop with Krishna.

Module 1: Guided prospection: How to define success.

Module 2: How to put frameworks in action.

Module 3: How to develop mindset that matters to climb from:

  • Senior to Staff to¬†Principal Engineer.
  • Individual¬†Contributor to Manager.
  • Front-line manager to Sr EM to Director to VP Engineering.

Module 4: How to work backwards and create your Tech skill stack -

  • IC's skill stack.
  • Leader's skill stack.

Module 5: Strategy Breakdown -

  • The art of getting noticed. (without cringe.)
  • Growing with Internal and External company movements.
  • Picking the right tech roles (platform engineering, product engineering, service) and tech companies.
  • Template: How I prep for¬†challenging situations.
  • Getting promoted when you switch. (Real-life stories from my mentees)

Module 6: Traps to avoid -

  • Good-Bad-Ugly answers for challenging questions.¬†¬†
  • Most common reasons for Sr role rejections.¬†
  • Picking manager.

Module 7: Uncommon strategies collection: How to find and land your dream job.

  • Template: How I prepare for high-stake interviews.

Module 8: How to build business acumen to add value to your company.

Module 9: How to predict Layoffs and bounce-back strategies.

The Course is Designed for :


Senior engineers and leaders who deeply value their time. Who know that the right strategy can save you years.


Senior engineers and leaders who want to be deliberate/purposeful/focussed about where they want to take their career.


Senior engineers and leaders who want to differentiate themselves. Those who do not want to be a commodity.


Senior engineers and leaders who want to make career moves either in same company or externally.

Your Instructor 

Hi, I am Krishna Kiran, 

I am on a personal mission to

1. Make work more meaningful and joyful through career growth.

2. Help educate kids in need. I sponsored 50 kids through Isha Vidya and hope to keep scaling.

Over the past 18 years with Amazon, Adobe, and BetterUp, I learnt a lot of career lessons the hard way. I hope to make it easier for you.

 Over 700 Software engineers and managers have attended my bootcamp. I have mentored, promoted and approved the promotions of hundreds of engineers.

This Bootcamp is my humble effort to bring growth and joy at work.

VP Engineering

18+ years of experience in Tech. Been a leader at Amazon, Adobe and BetterUp. 


Trained and mentored over 700+ software engineers and managers to accelerate the growth of their career.


Krishna's mini-books Career Accelerator Minibook and 12 lessons from my 12 years at Amazon have each received over 1M+ impressions. 

Social following of 43k+.


Sponsored 50 children through Isha Vidya and still counting. Creating opportunities for the underprivileged children to learn and grow.

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